A Message From Our Founder

My desire to open Pandora's Box twenty one years ago stemmed from my interest and affinity for fashion and accessories. I'm a strong observer and I have always noticed style movements, often before they hit the mainstream. In addition to staying ahead of the trends, it has always been important to me to supply Pandora's Box with items that evoke a strong message of realness, humor, whimsy, and charm. Everything that I purchase for the store is intentional and has a meaning or message behind it – whether it reminds me of a personal story a customer has shared, or the artist I am purchasing from has a message behind why they chose to create. It has always been important that customers have a real, memorable experience at Pandora's Box and that they feel at home.
As the business owner, I have been working hard behind the scenes to bring a new management approach to make Pandora's Box an even better shopping experience for all of my customers and the local community. Baltimore is a special city that is rich in both charm and culture. We have a resiliency and a sense of togetherness during both good and bad times and it has always made me proud to be a Baltimore resident and business owner in Federal Hill.